Snowy Leaves iPhone Wallpaper


How to download HD Snowy Leaves iPhone Wallpaper:-

We have a collection of wide variety of High Definition(HD) wallpapers. To get the Wallpaper click on the Download button above. Download the BEST iPhone wallpapers which are available on

Set your iPhone Wallpaper:-

Settings->Wallpaper->Choose a New Wallpaper.

Select the wallpaper that you have currently downloaded which is available in your photos.

After choosing the wallpaper, scale or move accordingly to fit the screen.

If you are using Iphone 6s and above, you will have additional options to select between Still, Perspective or Live Photo.

Finally Tap to Set.

Options available in Set (1.Set Lock screen 2.Set Home Screen 3. Set Both)

Note: If the wallpapers are not fit then black bars will be visible on top and bottom, so we provide the wallpapers in perfect aspect ratio so go crazy and download in HD.